Cooking classes with dinner


Beyond our tours you can learn how to cook Russian cuisine dishes at the open kitchen. This service combines a cooking class with a dinner party also we can add Russian wine tasting session. 
We believe that cooking is a wonderful way to expand your knowledge of Russia. We will start with an aperitif and local artisan cheese and appetizers, while your master-cook explains the plan for the evening (a three-course meal). As we progress with the cooking, through conversations with our instructor (who is not a professional chef, but a fabulous home cook), you will learn about Russian culinary habits and traditions, most popular dishes and the seasonality of local products and ingredients. If you decide to taste Russian wines, you will get an opportunity to try some local samples throughout the course. Finally when the dinner is ready on the table we will sit down (with a well-deserved glass of wine or two) and enjoy it together. Also you will get recipes of the dishes afterwards.

Our events are lots of fun and offer a diverse range of options of what to cook.
Please contact us for price rates and more information.