A few days ago a big…

A few days ago a big beer fest Craft Depot 2016 took place in Moscow. It was a unique open-air festival for beer lovers and beer geeks with more than 40 breweries as participants (mostly the best in Russia and a few prominent foreigners).

More than five thousand people visited this event in order to try more than a hundred variations of beer (mainly local) of all kinds, types and colors. Soft and nice atmosphere was added to the fest by musical background created by trendy local bands. Street food spots made the event enjoyable. Many experts can mark a rising interest of people to the craft beer in Russia. Craft Depot 2016 was a bright evidence of that trend. Numerous openings of a craft beer shops in Russia and Moscow particularly can be a sign of increasing demand for high quality local beer. Such an event can help people getting familiar with different brewery names and beer samples appearing at the market.

This 2016 summer was quite beneficial in terms of gastro and drink festivals and markets in Moscow (Market of the local food, Taste of Moscow and many more) so foodies and drink-lovers should be satisfied enough. Hopefully we look forward to 2016 autumn and winter exciting gastro events, festivals and happenings.