Food trends in Moscow

Here is a brief snapshot on current food and gastronomic trends in Moscow, city of our presence, we love to explore for something special, city which impresses anyone who comes as a guest or lives here.
Food markets
New specialized food markets spring up in the city after a big success of Danilovskiy market, the pioneer of modern gastro place with food hall concept. They were the first to offer decent food at reasonable price at the market. There you can choose a number of selected quality vendors offering unusual and various kinds of food.
Fish and crabs
Restaurants and small cafes focused on a fish and crabs in particular are very trendy nowadays in Moscow.  The menu often is made of local products such as Murmansk Cod  or Kamchatka Crab. All the fish offered must be fresh, price is reasonable.
The concept of modern cafes or restaurants in Moscow is changing for simplicity (Kitchen, design etc.). Going out for lunch, breakfast or dinner must be comfortable, easy and fun.  Street food format set up in many of the new opened cafes and food vendors.
Middle East kitchen
Israeli and Moroccan kitchen cafes are being opened widely these days because of big demand from locals.  Shakshuka and hummus, different types of tajines are becoming more and more popular among Muscovites
Local products
There are more and more food vendors promoting the idea of a cuisine based on local products (sometimes specially grown on own farm).  Russians now can produce some decent examples of cheese due to the import restrictions. The quality of some local food is  constantly becoming better and better.

We can arrange a food tour or cooking classes in Moscow so you could feel the real taste of Russia