New tours. Food tour Moscow

Food tour Moscow
Food is a vital part of Russia and its culture. By exploring the country through its food, you will come to a deeper understanding what it is like today and what it was used to be before.
This is a shortcut version of Traditional Russian cuisine food tour, covering a few Moscow food spots and a grocery shop in the city center. You and your group will embark on a two-hour walking tour in the historic center of the city around Tverskaya street district mixed with real Moscow life, culture and amazing ambiance. You will get an introduction to Russian’s most loved (and devoured) traditional dishes.

Food and drinks (Sample menu) 

– Russian pies (apple / meat / mushrooms)
– Traditional Borsch soup / Shchi soup or Mushroom soup
– Russian salad
– Mors (local drink made of berries)

Quick facts:

– 2 to 2,5 hours guided tour
– 2 stops
– Knowledgeable local guide who speaks English
– Stories about Moscow history and food and drinks culture