Winter time in Moscow

Frankly speaking, winter time (January, February and March) may be one of the most beautiful periods to come and explore Moscow. Lots of snow, icy trees, and freezing temperatures are the signs of real Russian winter. So you can be lucky enough to find everything associating with the term “Russian weather”. In that case you should be ready for a negative temperature for quite a long period, so don’t forget about warm clothes, scarf and, and headdress.
If you are lucky enough to find a real winter time in Moscow (for the last few years it was not so easy) , one of the most efficient way for your comfort being in the city at this period is to familiarize yourself with seasonal Russian cuisine and winter Russian food such as soups. Nowadays lots of cafes and restaurants can offer local food and Russian dishes which can warm you and make fell very well. Here we mean traditional Russian soups – aromatic, full bodied and so inviting – such as “borsch” and “schi”. You should definitely get a bonus to your portion of soup and ask for a Russian pie. Small traditional Russian pies called “pirogi“ or “pirozhki”. Variety of fillings, forms and tastes can impress you. 
Our traditional Russian cuisine walking tour and our gastro guides can make your trip in Russia and stay in Moscow unforgettable: you will be carefully escorted to the most interesting and proven food spots in Moscow in order to try all the mentioned Russian winter (and not only, it is a food tasting tour) foods, also it is a cultural tour so you will get additional information about the city.



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