Moscow, impressions

You can’t be emotionless in Moscow. This city can always make you experience very wide range of emotions. Usually these feelings are positive. Quite often, tourists are not surprised by the weather or different sights of the city, but the service that they found here. 

It’s very unusual, but here in Moscow you can understand that you can get a haircut in the middle of the night, find some department store operating 24/7 and of course find a proper place to have a late dinner or well-made cocktail. Variety of nice restaurants with different cuisines and dishes will surprise you in a most pleasant way. Nowadays in Moscow you can find not only traditional, but also Fusion, Caucasian and some other cuisines available to taste all day (or night) long. 

If you are looking for a nice place to have a late dinner or just a quiet place for a drink, please get in touch with us so our gastro guides are happy to organize your trip.


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