Danilovsky Market

A new format of food-tasting format is developing in Moscow right now. It is a place where several different outstanding eateries are concentrated in a one trendy spot. Such place can be described as a unique area for food lovers, gourmets and other people interested in food industry.

A bright example of such a trendy zone  for all kind of food-lovers is Danilovsky Market, a cultural object  with history, living it’s new exciting period  and anticipating its soon renovation.

A retail and wholesale food market, founded in 1963, today it is a must visit spot for any person interested in a finest groceries stores,  food stalls and eateries all in one. Foodies, food bloggers and gastro enthusiasts can find many attractive things here. Vegetarians, Asian food lovers, street food fans, coffee nerds – everyone can find here what he loves.

In addition, it is a unique opportunity to feel authentic Russian market in its best way: friendly staff, building with history, accurate service and top quality national products and delis.

Also it is one of the best points, where you can find national food souvenirs, such as red and black caviar, truffle salt or flower honey.



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